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Outtakes / Colombia 2019

Exploring some of Colombia was a bittersweet for me. I was so excited to see the place where a big part of my family comes from, including my mother, and it really did not disappoint, in-fact it exceeded my expectations. The people, so warm and just in tune with my own rhythm, the thing is that it reminded me so much of my Venezuela. Several times i found myself in situations that i felt so familiar with that i would even forget i wasn't there.

It's been many years since the last time i was able to visit my country, as most know the situation down there is devastating. I truly hope one day it changes back to the paradise i grew up in. However without trying to get too sentimental, this post is About Colombia and how proud i feel to have some Colombian blood in my veins and how thankful i am to this place for all the love i received and for reminding me of home.

I cant wait to go back and see much more.

I leave you with some outtakes of the shoots i did for my coffee table book during my visit.

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