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Marian Outtakes, Vienna, 2019

Vienna was one of the places i have always wanted to visit, being on the east side of Europe already decided to jump in a train and go for 2 days to the precious city that turned into 4 as i couldn't have enough of it's beauty. Even 4 days was certainly not enough, but knowing that i'd come back kept my exploring anxiety at ease.

The architecture representing so many different periods of time, all the Baroque Ecstasy everywhere, and how incredibly well maintained the city is been kept, had me with a constant Itch because i wasn't taking photos.

Trough Social media friends i met Marian, a dancer From "Wiener Staatsballett" we clicked and became friends immediately and on my last day there we decided to take some quick photos for my upcoming art projects around the city. He had never done nudes before like many of my models for which i will be forever thankful to all of them. It takes balls and trust in the artist and is actually just not for Everybody.

Having a muse, we went on a walk around the center of the city trying to get some quick shots, and before even realizing we were followed by police cars trying to catch us on something all around, still managed to get some shots that you will eventually see, but for now here is some outtakes.

It was a fun experience and i cannot wait to Return to Vienna.

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