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Outtakes / Minerva, Valencia 2019

Wile i was visiting my friend Carmen in Valencia Spain, i had the pleasure to meet the goddess Minerva Portillo. Only knowing from her as a girl who was a top model in the 90's just a few minutes after chatting, i realized that, that girl is now a women and is so much bigger than her fashion background, she has one of the most interesting career and life Stories that i've heard from the industry and also a beautiful young daughter.

A few days later we drove in Carmen's two seater car, the three of us hoping not to get caught and arrested (not sure if for minerva sitting in my legs the whole drive or for the nudity of the shoot) to the national Park "Salinas de Valencia" and took some photos for my upcoming Art book project.

Here i share some Outtakes that i gave Minerva wile the project gets completed.

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